Brian Croft
Painting the History of Vancouver and British Columbia

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What a lovely talent you have I really love your BCER and BCE painting I've seen a few of the photos they are modeled after. they are amazing works of art and I do hope there will be more soon! -Bring back BCER interurbans!
Cosmo - 15 May 2024
Just wow. I am an instant fan. What a huge talent you have Mr Croft. Thank you for sharing
Shani Soode - 16 Dec 2023
What a trip! I so enjoyed flipping through your amazing works. I could feel like I was right there inside the painting.
Annette Wood - 1 Feb 2022
Absolutely Brilliant...........Love your artistic style, subject matter, and the accompanying historical comments. The comments bring so much more meaning, and an even greater appreciation of your paintings. ps...You served in BadenBaden, I served in Karlshrue. Long Life.......Stay Safe. Paul
Paul M. Torres - 24 Apr 2021
I saw your paintings today for the first time at Willowbrook Mall (I think that was the name) and fell in love with them. Beautiful and so colorful and full of life.
Joy Hamilton - 22 Apr 2021
Janie Kimura-Slye and I were classmates of yours at Hugh Boyd School in Richmond. Janie worked in the same Airlines as your Dad...You married my second Cousin, Sharon... From there you have made tremendous strides and we are so happy to have been acquainted with you. Your amazing Artwork instills and brings to life the images we shared during the Fun 60’s. May you continue to invoke the style of your uniqueness and share with one and all. Cheers 🥂 Patsi
Patsi Yodogawa-Wood - 15 Apr 2021
Brian Croft You Brought my Memory Back to Life.. Thank You
George Mow - 7 Apr 2021
I am going through some "old things" that I just can't get rid of and I found a collection of your cards. All are so lovely. I don't know if you still have them available, but I sure enjoy these. Seems to me we met out at a home or garden show in Chilliwack and that is where I purchased them. Haven't given any away. Thank you so much for you painting all these beautiful reminders of our past. Amazing.
Peggy McDonald - 13 Mar 2021
You are a brilliant artist and I am in love with all your work. Thank you for posting for all to enjoy!
Carol Brett - 13 Feb 2021
You are the " Norman Rockwell" of Canada...these paintings are of a gentler although not easier age when life was slower... Thank you showing them on Facebook...they are a joy to behold
Carollyne Haynes - 11 Jul 2020
I am so very impressed with all your work. That is what paintings should look like. Nice work.
William J Davey - 3 Mar 2020
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