Brian Croft
Painting the History of Vancouver and British Columbia


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"C-FUN 1410 - 1965",  C-FUN 1410 ruled the air with great music and FUN!

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"Theatre Row - 1962" is almost sold out with only 14 prints left (Click here for pricing)

 And if you are interested in how I put that project on canvas, watch the video below. Have fun!!



"White Spot No. 1 - 1958"
is almost sold out with only 10 A.P. and P.P. canvases available.


About my Limited Edition Prints. -  Printed by Hemlock Printers

Over the past decades I have used several printing-company providers but eventually selected Hemlock Printers in Burnaby to create my giclee prints.  Hemlock Printers is a fine establishment with exceptional capabilities that are precisely what a serious artist needs. Hemlock's extraordinary proofing capabilities result in canvas prints of the highest quality, with accurate fidelity in colour and detail.  To ensure that each image will be precisely duplicated whenever I need them for the marketplace, Hemlock Printers archives each of my proofs for future reference.

My limited edition print- runs are limited by me in that I specify and control the total number that will be created. Using the example of a run of 95 signed-numbered prints, this "limit" is documented in promotional literature as (SN95).  In addition I create a very limited number of Publisher Proofs (PP) which will not exceed 5% of the SN total.  I also create Artist Proofs (AP) which will not exceed 10% of the SN total.  In this  example case of a (SN95, AP10, PP5) limited edition run, a total of 110 prints will be created. 

Each limited edition print is accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The certificate also contains a summary of the history of the image as well as a few artistic comments.

With  some variations, I generally produce canvas giclee prints in the following standard sizes which are specified in promotional literature:

20" x 32"  this is my Regular sized print,

28" x 44"  this is my Large sized print (available in most print titles),

34" x 54"  this is my Super-Size print (available on a few print titles only).

Regardless of the the variety of sizes that I print within a particular limited edition run, the total of all the prints created within that run will not exceed the stated (SN plus AP plus PP) total; which in the case above would be a total of 110 prints of various sizes.

A Final Note: When I began publishing limited edition prints I decided that I would not sell "sn #1" of any edition; instead I have kept these "sn #1" prints as part of my personal collection.