Brian Croft
Painting the History of Vancouver and British Columbia


Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by.  Our West Fine Art Show, on May 15-18 was cancelled due to COVID 19.  Not only was it sad not being able to gather all our artists, but we were unable to raise funds for our charitable partners which, at this show, is CH.I.L.D. Foundation and the Cloverdale Rodeo Youth Initiative Foundation. The show poster is below with all the show information and you can see all our artists if you go to


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My latest painting

done in collaboration with Red Robinson.

"C-FUN 1410 - 1965"

 C-FUN 1410 ruled the air with great music and FUN!

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Here is Red Robinson's newest book. Its a great read and a great gift idea!!

Just click on the book to see about ordering a copy


Red Robinson: The Last Broadcast is the sequel to the best-selling Red Robinson: The Last Deejay. This new book, also written by Robin Brunet, details the legendary Canadian deejay’s last radio broadcast in the summer of 2017, and provides an in-depth look at the careers of his equally colourful friends and colleagues in the broadcasting industry. Over a career that spanned six decades, Red’s colleagues include Doc Harris, Stirling Faux, Fanny Kiefer, Gloria Macarenko, Wayne Cox, and many others. Robinson was the first DJ to play rock ‘n roll regularly in Canada. He also emceed live concerts by Elvis Presley and the Beatles. With humour and candour, Red Robinson: The Last Broadcast explores why the old days of working in radio were far more fun, daring, and innovative than in today’s environment of media concentration. This blast from the past will entertain readers both old and young and give an emerging generation of broadcasters a sense of why theirs is a profession worth preserving through stubborn persistence, endless curiosity, a dash of hubris, and a strong dose of old-fashioned chutzpah



By the way folks, my print, 'Theatre Row - 1962" is almost sold out and so I've put a video  below in case you are interested in how I put that project on canvas. Have fun!!