Brian Croft
Painting the History of Vancouver and British Columbia

036. Milner - 1912

Limited Edition Watercolour Lithographic Print (unframed) sn500, ap15, pp10

11.74x17.75 (inches) sn $80, ap$90, pp$100

From a watercolour painting by Brian Croft

Among the many treasures from Langley’s past I stumbled on a tiny post card with a photographed view looking north along Glover Road towards the growing village of Milner. After careful scrutiny with a magnifying glass, this photo revealed the Milner Community Center, without a roof, and under construction. Since we know from other sources when that event took place, it was possible to date this painting in 1912.

I visited the site on which the photographer stood and sketched in the mountains to facilitate the clear sunny summer day that I wanted. The viewpoint was shifted slightly to the left to make the Milner BC Electric Railway Station more prominent and finally I added the arriving B.C. Electric Interurban tramcar enroute from Chilliwack to New Westminster.

Milner, 1912 is a little bit of yesterday, a watercolour glimpse at the quiet tranquility of our pioneering past.

Brian Croft