Brian Croft
Painting the History of Vancouver and British Columbia


(posted on 26 Feb 2020)


Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I released a new limited edition print but Im pleased to send this news about my latest:        C-FUN 1410 - 1965.

Last Fall, I got word that the old CFUN studio building in Vancouver was going to be demolished for a redevelopment. This news triggered a great deal of "oh my gosh" from old fans and radio employees and in particular, deejays like Red Robinson and John Tanner. It was Red who put it to me that a painting might be the best way to remember this great radio station; what could I say, I was mesmerized by C-FUN back then and still am.

I was in grade 11 in 1965 and it was a very cool time to be a teen. Learning to drive was liberating and once you got your licence you also got control of the car radio, yours to operate as loud as you wished.  Although I had a transistor radio, it didn’t compare to the car radio and the first pleasure was setting up those radio push buttons. For me there was only one worth setting; “14", or as we all knew it, C-FUN at 1410 on the dial.  C-FUN 1410 with rock-solid programming, great deejays and lots of fun was where it was at. The deejays were local celebrities and teens knew their names and followed the station all day. In the Fall of 1965 the line up was: Tom Peacock at 6:00am, Al Jordan at 9:00am, Red Robinson at noon, Fred Latremouille at 3:00pm, Ed Karl at 6:00pm, Mad Mel at 9:00pm and John Tanner at midnight. 

Well, I could go on but instead will simply attach this link to my website where you can see the painting in detail.

By the way I will be appearing at the West Fine Art Show March 6-8 and the new print will be on display there. More details on the show at

Hope to see you all there.

Warmest regards,

Brian Croft

Photo below: Red robinson and I at the mid-point in the painting development.